The Socializer

Profile Summary

Creating a better brand

Creative, Outgoing, Motivating, Connection, Energy, Freedom, Team Player


Extrovert, personable, creative, motivating & inspiring, steals the show, high-energy and quick-witted, easy to have fun, laid back, charismatic.


Micro-managing, control, forgetting to involve everyone, lacking attention to details, takes one idea to run with instead of considering others.


Presentation, adaptability, sharing the spotlight, team player, expressive, non-judgemental, performance & personality, charm & charisma.


Expecting too much (or the same effort) from others, judgemental, time wasted, intimidation.

The best roles in teams

Big picture focused, long-term projects, team projects, group thinking & brainstorm, creativity, idea gen, discussion & feedback, debate, performance.

The worst roles in teams

Time-tracking, systems, details, study, research, mechanism, data, measurement.

The best roles in life

Promotion, performance, creativity, showmanship, marketing, sales, leadership, motivation, consideration, presentation.

The worst roles in life

Research, measurement, finance, receipts, management, analytics, repetitiveness.




Oprah Winfrey


David Beckham

Soccer / Football Player

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Here's what this means

Socializers are high-energy and quick-thinking action takers who find their “flow-state” while on their feet. In result Socializers are adaptive and flexible on the fly, and use their charm or charisma to shine their light on others around them.

Whereas others seem to often “set the stage” a Socializer is known to “steal the show.” Their personal attractiveness & magnetism is one of their greatest assets – and leveraged well in order to “work the room” for making their impact in a personal and emotional manner.

Socializers naturally hold a unique Identity one can spot-out right away. Their brand is developed through their charming charisma and unaffected positive attitude when relating to others. Socializers must stick to these strengths in building their wealth & business – opposed to products, systems, or teams which do not come as naturally to them.

Socializers are sometimes “put-off” by others who are unable to do what they can so easily do themselves. Therefore, managing is often a weak spot for Socializers without the right team or assistants in-place around them to help.

Their charm, charisma, and magnetism is leveraged elegantly to enhance their products and others platforms, creating a win-win environment for everyone included. Socializers take the lead in the spotlight while others try to keep up with transactions coming in. 

Simply put, if you’re not a “Socializer” that’s ok, but you definitely want to be around one.

But whether you’re a Socializer or not, if you’re unaware of your strengths and weaknesses it can often feel like running-uphill in terms of your business, career, & relationships.

However, when you are aware, and able to leverage your strengths in your favor – it can feel like running down-hill where things are much easier and more natural.

With a deeper knowledge of both how you operate and why – BIG things can happen for you quicker, easier and in a more impactful manner.

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