The Founder

Profile Summary

“Creating a Better Product”

Introvert / Extrovert
Resourceful, decisive, & innovative. Great at getting things started!


Leadership, Inspiring Others, Creative, Optimistic, Results & Impact Focused, Strong Sense of Vision, Innovative.


Impatient & Lacking Concern For Others Feedback, Sense of Timing, Overestimating What Others Can Achieve, Distracted, Procrastination, Over-Optimistic.


Focused on Bigger Picture, Creative Process, Innovation & Imagination, Pushing Boundaries & Bending Rules, Attention to Detail.


Doing Too Much Too Soon, Over-Optimistic, Expecting Too Much From Others, Overestimating Others Abilities, Isolation, Self-Reliance, Controlling Behaviors, Lack Of Communication Clarity.

The best roles in teams

Brainstorming, Finding Solutions to Problems, Strategy, Big-Picture Focused, Leadership & Inspiration, Creativity, Communicating in Bullets or Summaries, Directing & Oversight.

The worst roles in teams

Analytics/Analysis, Time-Tracking, Fairness, People-Pleasing, Micro-Managing Activity, Communicating Details.

The best roles in life

Creative Process, Big-Picture Focused, Brainstorming, Development, SOP, Design, Attention to Detail, Start-Up, Innovation, Imagination, Strategy, Inspiration, Vision Clarity, Direction.

The worst roles in life

Research, Analysis/Analytics, Tedious Tasks, Repetitive Duties, Routines, Customer Service, Patience, Time-Tracking, Micro-Managing, Editing.




Steve Jobs


Jack Ma


Elon Musk

Tesla, SpaceX, Paypal & more

Here's what this means

Founders are excellent at thinking outside-the-box. They are resourceful, intelligent, & imaginative. Founders trust their gut and love to explore possibilities & boundaries.

A Founders flow-state peaks from expressing their creativity in valuable and innovative ways. They are excited to get things started, but are not afraid to take their time to finish – with extreme attention to detail!

Founders pursue their calling to CREATE. And they are known to continue creating regardless of resources, money, or the patience of others involved. In fact, their biggest breakthroughs often happen AFTER most others would have given up. Founders are able to travel to unknown territory through their unique imagination and deep desire to pursue something meaningful.

A Founders perfectionist attitude can sometimes lead to self doubt or imposter syndrome. However, this is a positive sign – considering The Founders passion, drive, and meaning behind whatever it is they are working on. Rest assured – it may take time, but everything is being done in the very best and innovative way possible in the hands of The Founder.

Successful Founders are known to be front-line, innovative thinkers and doers with “nothing is impossible” attitude. And is one of the more “gifted” minds in the fast-changing society we live in today. 

As a Founder It’s important to be aware of both strengths AND weaknesses to dial in your focus on creating the best results in your business, relationships, and career.

Sometimes it can feel like running up-hill, and other times it can feel like running down-hill in terms of your relationships or career.

When you have a deeper knowledge of both how and why you operate, BIG things can happen quicker, easier, and in a more impactful manner!

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