The Engineer

Profile Summary

Creating a better system

Observant, perfectionist, innovative, & attention to detail, creativity.
Innovative / Creative


Systems improvement, simplification, perfectionist, strong attention to detail, creative, completion, innovation, imagination.


Perfectionism, Procrastination, overlooks details, unaware of other arounds them or included, narrow-minded, unable to change or adapt.


Improvement, Innovation, breakdown, completion of project, new ideas, positive change, impact, simplifying items or tasks etc.


Starting from scratch, paying too much attention to details, perfectionist attitude leading to procrastination, worried of doing something wrong, sensitive to environment, over-thinking and over-doing.

The best roles in teams

Creative solution, improvement, innovation, imagination, organization, team player, task or project focused, leadership.

The worst roles in teams

Micro-management, small talk or meaningless conversation, debate, discussion, time-tracking, research, interviews.

The best roles in life

Creative problem-solving, design, system improvement, process, operations, SOP, perfection, task completion, fin-tuning, data collection.

The worst roles in life

Being down to earth, negotiation, sales, marketing, product creation / start-up, people management, motivation, inspiration, customer service.




Mark Zuckerberg


Jeff Bezos


Henry Ford

Ford Motor Company

Here's what this means

Engineers carry a perfectionist attitude with a strong attention to detail. In result, sometimes leads to procrastination, but also often leads to getting things done efficiently and effectively.

Their creative, innovative flow state comes from taking things apart and finding better or simpler ways to put them back together. An Engineer cannot resist finding new ways to make things better than when they found it.

Engineers prefer a hands-on approach to study and improve things by getting their hands dirty. An Engineer is often found yet to begin, because they are still trying to figure out what business to start. However, many Engineers have better systems and software in place than their competitors. 

Successful Engineers continue to fine-tune their systems and processes long after they have delegated other areas of their business. This is where they often see the greatest results, and where they gain the most satisfaction.

With a deeper knowledge of how an Engineer operates, BIG things can happen quicker, easier, and in a more impactful manner!

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