The Coach

Profile Summary

Leading the team

Introvert / Extrovert
Supportive, Motivating, Inspiring, Understanding, Communication, Decisiveness.


Motivation, inspiration, focus on others, optimistic, decisive, leadership, sense of timing, vision, strategy, communication, understanding, rituals.


Impatient & lacking concern for others, underestimating what others can achieve, distracted, narrow-minded, not encouraging or inspiring.


Process, preparation, strategy, bending rules, vision, results, showing-up, consistency, team-work, drive, focus, determination, competitiveness, engaging others, making others feel valued, routines.


Lack of strategy or preparation, overworked, pushing boundaries, controlling behaviors, poor communication, isolation, self reliance.

The best roles in teams

Mastermind or group-think, finding solutions, strategy, preparation, big-picture, leadership, motivation, communication, direction, guidance, empathy, concern for others, feedback, managing.

The worst roles in teams

Fairness, people pleasing, isolated, pessimistic, lacking motivation or drive, holding others back from potential, lack of consistency.

The best roles in life

Communication, process, habit, preparation, clarity, feedback, direction, vision, SOP, big-picture, understanding, routines.

The worst roles in life

Research, creativity, patience, editing, writing, isolated tasks, lack of meaning, lack of direction.




Ginni Rometty


Meg Whitman


Howard Schultz


Here's what this means

Coaches are great with people and often the center of attention or “life of the party.” Their flow often comes from leading & inspiring others who are actively involved. 

Coaches are always pushing others and lighting them up to increase efficiency and production. They are the strongest and most capable leaders through adding value which translates into more action out of others. Coaches are masters at organizing and motivating teams. In other words, Coaches are the glue that holds the team in place and keeps them track for achieving their goals. 

Despite the team and network, Coaches often struggle to decide on the right business the start for themselves. This is mostly due to the fact they are in this case focused on themselves instead of others – where their strengths are.

When Coaches are unaware of their strengths and weaknesses it can often feel like running-uphill when it comes to achieving goals.

However, when Coaches are aware, and able to leverage their strengths in their favor – it can “snowball-effect” where things are much easier and more natural.

With a deeper knowledge of both how you operate and why – BIG things can happen for you quicker, easier and in a more impactful manner.

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